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Informations générales

A theme for minimalists.

Use <figure> to show your images in full view.

Changelog :

0.4 : Adjustment of font size in .dc-archive

0.5 : div tag correction in .dc-archive-month

0.6: Correction of text-align for nav in sidebar

0.7: _layout.html: line 119 fixed issue with showing Meta header if comments and trackbacks are disabled

0.8: style.css: line 181 adding clear: both; to hr definition and line 195 and 196 adding table layout

0.9: style.css: line 270 adding figcaption to a link to make look equal with links in posts

1.0: archive_month.html: removed div tag "text".

1.1: archive_month.html: removed iv

Informations techniques

  • Version du thème : 1.1
  • Version minimale de Dotclear : 2.14
  • Licence : GNU GPL v2
  • Support : Forum Dotclear